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I am a small hobby breeder of parrotlets located in Salem, Oregon. I often have Blue, American White, American Yellow, Green, and Turquoise parrotlets as well as pieds in the above colors. Babies are handled often and make perky, sweet pets with loads of personality. If you want a quiet, pretty and outgoing bird, a parrotlet is a good choice.


Parrotlets in Salem, Oregon


     Payment: Contact me first to make sure bird is still available, then put a deposit of 1/2 to hold or pay in full through paypal. Cash is fine, also.

Shipping: I would prefer not to ship. I do not live close to the airport. Shipping could be available for purchases over $250. United generally costs around $95 to $125. The container is $45. If you return the container to me (you pay to send it back), I will refund $45. If we have to use Delta, costs are higher.


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Parrotlets are sweet little birds with loads of personality. TheYellow and American Yellow Parrotlety are a delight to watch. The pretty light blue boy in the picture with the yellow girl is my pet and he will "pump" his swing until it is going as high as it will go. He is a kick to watch! Parrotlets make a cute chirp that is quiet enough for apartment living. If you are looking for a lively little easter egg colored bird with a big personality, then a Parrotlet may be a great choice. There are some terrific parrotlet websites with great information. A couple of my favorites are the Parrot Ranch, and Lucky Feathers. Lucky feathers has some great information about the stages they go through.

Available Parrotlets - Reduced Fees

Making room for new babies!

Babies 7/16: There are several weaned babies ready to go home.  If you are interested, email to make sure the one you want is available, and then put a deposit through paypal to hold your baby, or come pick them up with cash. Located in N. Salem.


Six Parrotlets left:

DOB 4/4 - 4/6

 American White and Green parrotlets     American White and Yellow Parrotlets

Green girl and American White Girl                          American White Girl and Yellow Girl

Yellow and Green Parrotlets

Yellow Girl and Green Girl

    2 American White Parrotlet girls (powder blue) - $85

2 Green Parrotlet girls $60 ea

2 Yellow Parrotlet girls $85  

Reduced fees if you take two!

All can step up and are learning to stay on the play pen. Very sweet. See below for examples of colors.




Colors: American White is a light blue

The Yellow one on the left is a picture of the mom so the yellows will look like her. The gorgeous color of the bird on the right is called American White. It is a beautiful powder blue color with white on the wing tips. I just love this delicate color.


Birds that have their new homes

Blue Female and Green Male


The blue is second from the right and the green male is on the right

Blue Male

DOB 4/4/2014




Blue Female

DOB 1/1/14




Isn't she pretty. She hatched a few days after her older brother. She is very friendly. Will fly over to you. She is friends with the blue girl below. This one an the one below have their new home together.

Blue Female

DOB 2/14/14